How To

Looped Hair Kit: How To’s
1. Looped Hair Scrunchies
a. Use scrunchie to tie hair into ponytail
b. Create an opening/hole right above the scrunchie 
c. Pull your ponytail through the hole 
2. Looped Claw Clip
a. Twist your hair into a bun
b. Secure your bun with the claw clip
3. Looped Hair Beads
a. Braid a small piece of hair and secure it with a small rubber band
b. Apply beads onto hair beader
c. Loop hair beader onto end of braid 
d. Push beads up onto the braid
4. Looped Hair Tinsel
a. Fold tinsel in half and make a slip knot with it around your pointer finger and thumb
b. Grab a single strand of hair and pull it through the slip knot
c. Tighten the knot at the top of the hair strand, then tie another knot to secure the tinsel
5. Looped Hair Charms
a. Braid your hair
b. Open the ring of the hair charm
c. Loop it through the desired part of the braid
d. Push both ends of the ring to close the ring and secure the charm